The Neksus Group Ltd.
Building growth-frameworks that scale.


We do not compare ourselves to others.


Growth-frameworks in the Digital Age.



We need to understand your business, in order to help you grow it.

Our framework & onboarding process allows us to understand your customers, your industry & your business.

We don't leave anything to chance.


A combination of structured frameworks & case-by-case assesments allows us to find & optimize ads for profitability.

It usually takes us about 3 weeks to find winners, but your mileage may vary.

We don't promise you the moon, but we've taken clients there before 🌑



After our testing & optimization-structure has found winning ads & audiences, we're ready to hit the gas.

Knowing all of our numbers inside-out allows us to track & analyze results & profitability, so no need to worry about iOS 14 or your bottom-line.

Who are we?

Nicklas Larsen

Director & co-owner

Jay Milne

Director & co-owner

Two are better than one
if two act together as one.

A combined experience of +6 years:

  • ✅ Management & Marketing Consulting for million-dollar companies
    ✅ Individually started & ran sucessful Marketing Agencies
    ✅ Generating +$250.000 in extra revenue for clients in 2022 alone

But can we actually deliver?

Great question.

ROAS of 834%

ROAS of 786%


Do you feel
excited about scaling?

We're right there with you.